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Balances and Scales
Eclipse Analytical Balances
Eclipse Analytical Balances
With a full spectrum of advanced features, the Eclipse series of analytical and precision balances provides unparalleled performance. Its elegant capacitive touch keypad and large display make the Eclipse efficient, bringing a balance of durability and intuitive operation. Eclipse’s unique software guides users through the applications, making any function simple and easy to use.

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  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • Capacity tracker
  • Grade 304 stainless steel pan
  • Level indicator with adjustable levelling feet
  • Removable draft shield supplied on 0.001g readabilities
  • Weighing
  • Parts counting
  • Percentage weighing
  • Check weighing
  • Check counting
  • Animal / dynamic weighing
  • Weight accumulation
  • Density determination
Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price Compare
EBL 104e 100g 0.0001g 90mm Ø POA
EBL 164e 160g 0.0001g 90mm Ø POA
EBL 214e 210g 0.0001g 90mm Ø POA
EBL 254e 250g 0.0001g 90mm Ø POA
EBl 314i 310g 0.0001g 90mm Ø POA
EBL 314e 310g 0.0001g 90mm Ø POA
EBL 223e 220g 0.001g 120mm Ø POA
EBL 104i 100g 0.0001g 90mm Ø POA
EBL 164i 160g 0.0001g 90mm Ø POA
EBL 214i 210g 0.0001g 90mm Ø POA
EBL 254i 150g 0.0001g 60mm Ø POA
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  • No.104008036  Anti-Vibration Table
  • No.3012313007  Dust Cover for 0.1mg balances
  • No.3012313008  Dust Cover for 0.001g to 0.1g balances upto 8200g
  • No.3012313009  In use cover for 0.0001g balances
  • No.3012313012  In use cover for 0.1g balances 12000g and more
  • No.1120011156  ATP Thermal Printer
  • No.3126011263  Thermal Paper for ATP
  • No.3014011014  RS-232 to PC Cable
  • No.600002028  Adam DU - Data Collection Program
  • No.3074010267  USB Cable
  • No.302126013  Below Balance Hanger
  • No.2010012741  Pillar option (factory fitted) for models with 300 x 400mm base size only
  • No.700660290  Calibration Certficate